Science and"SPA "RAKURS" LLC

We are active members of the
Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine.

In order to be on the level, it is not enough just to make good projects, it is necessary to constantly develop scientific thought, because it feeds with its innovations the whole process of creating technology and putting it into practice.

The scientific part consists of a laboratory and a scientific department. The tasks of the scientific part include the development of Technological Task, Technological Regulations, the development of diagram of the apparatus circuit the preliminary selection of the main technological equipment. Empirically searching for the most optimal schemes for the implementation of production processes with obtaining preliminary final results during laboratory tests.

Candidates of science and graduate students work for us:

Nikolaienko Konstantin Viktorovich - PhD in Engineering Science, Associate Professor

Vashchenko Alexander Alekseevich - PhD in Chemistry

Nikolaienko Pavel Konstantinovich - Postgraduate Student, Department of Mineral Processing

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We carry out the development and implementation of software.

Software was developed and implemented to automate the calculation of the pellet of the required basicity for the family of operating systems MS® Windows Vista / 7/10.

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"SPA "RAKURS" LLC was established in 2015 by the chief project engineers and department heads of "SRDI "Mekhanobrchormet" PJSC