A new level of iron ore pellet production

A new level of iron ore pellet production

A new level in the technology for the production of iron ore pellets

We are the exclusive partner in Ukraine of the HAVER NIAGARA GMBH (Munster, Germany) and at the moment we have jointly delivered two of the world's only pelletizing discs with a variable height for obtaining narrow classes of pellets with increased strength characteristics for «FERREXPO» (Poltava Mining, Horishni Plavni, Ukraine) and «METINVEST Holding» (Central GOK, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine).

General information

Technology of pelletizing of iron ore materials has been used for several decades. The basic principles remain unchanged, but the capacity improvement is still possible. Read more this was stated by the experts HAVER NIAGARA: the head of sales Dr. Metodi Zlatev and specialist in pelletizing Jan Lampke. The full article can be read on the portal in electronic magazine.

The custom-maded SCARABAEUS Pelletizing Discs with a bowl diameter of up to 7500 mm provide a capacity of up to 150 t / h. Ore materials, chemicals, biomass, fodder masses and other materials are granulated in a pelletizer.

If we talk about iron ore, the pelletizer is using to produce pellets from a fine fraction with a granule size in the range from 9 to 15 mm. The feed to the pelletizer consists of pulverized ore or finely divided concentrates (<100 μm), binders (e.g. bentonite) and additives (e.g. coal dust).

The use of a modern SCARABAEUS 7500 Pelletizing Disc with control of the pelletizing process and self-monitoring of its components and assemblies, as well as setting automatically the optimal speed, load, tilt angle and bead height, allows to obtain high-quality pellet for the production of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI).

Pellet for DRI is a raw material for direct iron reduction technology that allows producing high-quality, environmentally friendly and cost-effective metal for mechanical engineering (aircraft, auto, shipbuilding, etc.) bypassing the blast furnace process

The peletizing disc SCARABAEUS 7500 in work
SCARABAEUS 7500 in work
Exaple of DRI-quality pellets
DRI-quality pellets

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