Implementation of the modernization project

Implementation of the modernization project

Implementation of a large-scale modernization project

A new technological line for the production of concentrate with a mass fraction of iron of 70.5% was launched at the Central GOK. The management of the plant expressed gratitude to all parties involved for the efficient and timely completion of tasks. Our company has made a significant contribution to the implementation of this project of modernization of the processing complex.

In the periodical of the Metinvest Vanguard Group No. 12 (972) dated April 30, 2020, the article “OUR RELIABLE ASSISTANTS” was published, the material of which describes the key persons involved in the year of continuous work:

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Let's start with the designer. Before an idea takes shape, it must be thoroughly presented on paper - in drawings, diagrams, and detailed plans. To perform such a "turnkey" task, the Central GOK entrusted "SPA "RAKURS" LLC.

Representatives of the design organization are experienced specialists of the all-Ukrainian level. They include the modernization of large industrial enterprises (Poltava Mining, Ingulets GOK, Northern GOK, Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant) and many years of cooperation with Central GOK.


- The project involved about 40 of our employees, professionals in various fields - construction, electrical, water and sanitation, technology departments. We were faced with the task of developing project documentation for the reconstruction of the 18th section of the beneficiation plant and the dehydration unit with a new section for fine screening. In order to implement such a large-scale project, first of all, a detailed examination of reconstruction sites is needed - buildings, communications, electrical equipment. After that, the designers proceed with the layout and placement of new equipment, taking into account compliance with the Labor Protection and Fire Safety standards, as well as the conditions of the beneficiation plant of the Central GOK, ”says Alexander Zubchenko, project chief engineer at "SPA "RAKURS" LLC.

- The reconstruction had to be carried out taking into account the current production and the condition of industrial facilities. Our priority was the development of constructive solutions with the maximum possible preservation of building structures in order to minimize capital costs. It was also required to “fit” the installation of the equipment of a new production line into the general technological process.

- For us, each project is a valuable practice. And in such a volume and quality as at the Central GOK, this is also an opportunity to increase the professionalism of our team. Feature of that project - work with innovative Ceramic Filters "Bakor" (KDF-90). Previously, we did not encounter such equipment, so it was interesting to integrate KDF-90 into the general technological scheme. Reconstruction of the 18th section and the dewatering corps with a new section for thin screening is a unique experience for NPO RAKURS LLC.

The full article can be found here.

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"SPA "RAKURS" LLC was established in 2015 by the chief project engineers and department heads of "SRDI "Mekhanobrchormet" PJSC