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The company has more than 60 employees. There is a scientific and design parts, equipment department.

Scientific part

The scientific part includes laboratories and a pilot factory for testing crushing, processing, flotation and pelletizing of ferrous metal ores. The scientific part consists of two candidates of sciences, graduate students and leading specialists with extensive experience in the production facilities of the mining industry and metallurgy.

Design part

The design part includes the bureau of Chief Project Engineers, the technological, construction, and plumbing departments, as well as the department of electrical engineering and automation of technological processes. The main composition of the departments is the leading specialists of “SRDI “Mekhanobrchormet” PJSC, who have an average experience in the design of industrial facilities of 15-20 years, many of them more than forty years.

“SPA “RAKURS” LLC carries out

pre-design studies, technical and economic calculations, feasibility studies, project – Engineering, Basic Engineering (BE), Detail Engineering (DE), Final Documents (FD). The company also performs industrial 3D modeling.

The class of consequences of responsibility of construction objects for which design is carried out is “CC1”, “CC2”, “CC3”.

The list of works performed by our company can be seen in the REFERENCES section.

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